Tours & Side Trips


The trip from Paramaribo to Overbridge River Resort can be as luxurious or adventurous as you want. We have complete transportation for you: by car, bus or even a speedboat! And in the vicinity of Overbridge, you can visit several interesting places. Therefore we have some all-expense tours in our package.


A day trip to Brownsberg nature reserve. Accompanied by a guide, you walk through this beautiful nature reserve and visit one of the beautiful waterfalls. You can choose the distance of our walk. Enjoy the flowers and especially the breathtaking view over the Lake van Blommestein.

Private Trip

From Overbridge River Resort we provide boat trips through the various villages along the Surinam River. You will learn about the traditional lifestyle of Indians and Marrons. Fishing trip or a guided jungle tour support is also available. And you can explore the area yourself in a canoe. These are for rent at the resort.