Overbridge River resort is only an one hour drive away from Paramaribo, via a well kept asphalt road which winds between the hills and swaps, surrounded by the dense tropical forest which holds on the morning mist. At odd times you’ll pass a starteled deer, rabbit, fleeting swine or a colony of spidermonkeys crossing the road. In the swamps you can find fish such as the Krobia, Pataka and Sriba. In the river you can find the toekoenari, koebie, garfish or the trapoen.

 Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (45min.)
(Luchthavenlaan 1, Paramaribo, Suriname)

Head west to Indira Gandhiweg

  1. Go straight at the roundabout (500m)Vertrouwelijk 

Continue the road Afobakaweg/Martin Luther Kingweg (33.2 km)

  1. Go left to Indira Gandhiweg (150m)
  2. Go left againStreet View (16.4km)
  3. Go left to the Afobakaweg/de Martin Luther Kingweg (16.6km)

Continue the road to La Simplicite (8.2km)

  1. Go right (6.8km)
  2. Veer to the right (850m)
  3. Go right (290m)
  4. Go left (210m)

Overbridge River Resort will be on the right side

(La Simplicite, Suriname)

Parking: Complimentary Self-Parking