Overbridge River resort is only a forty-five-minute drive away from Paramaribo, via a well-kept asphalt road which is surrounded by the dense tropical forest which holds on the morning mist. At odd times you’ll pass a startled deer, rabbit, fleeting swine or a colony of spider monkeys crossing the road. 

 From Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (15 min.)
(Luchthavenlaan 1, Paramaribo, Suriname)

Head north-west on Indira Gandhi weg. Make a right turn on Desiree Bouterse Highway (drive about 8 km) Turn right on Afobakka weg  ( drive 200 meters). Turn left on Roeiienweg (drive 7 km) Follow the road on a winding right turn to arrive at Overbridge River Resort.

From Paramaribo

Head south on Martin Luther King Highway.  Follow the road to Afobakkaweg (drive 10 km) Make a left on Roeiienweg ( you will see the Desiree Bouterse Highway on your right side). Drive 7 km on Roeiienweg until your reach the winding right turn. Take the winding right turn and you will arrive at Overbridge River Resort 

Parking: Complimentary Self-Parking